Happy Day 2 of Prime Day! Check Back For Deals Throughout The Day!

Happy 2nd Prime Day!

Wow! What an awesome start to Prime Day 2020! Did you snag any cool deals? If not, there is still plenty of time. Just as I did yesterday, I will be tracking interesting deals throughout the day so check back often. As soon as things come up, I will post the deals. Don’t wait too long or they will be gone. Let us continue to indulge in a bit of retail therapy and knock out all of our holiday shopping together. If you have a specific item you need help finding a deal for, message me on Instagram or Facebook and I will do some digging. p. I can’t wait to share day-two deals with you and to hear what you’ve found.

This post will be updated throughout the day. All you have to do is scroll to find the deals and click their direct links to purchase them. You don’t have to miss a deal.

Check Out Day 2 Prime Day Deals!

Home Goods & Decor

Home Furnishings

Crafting & Hobbies

Gadgets & Tech

Personal Care & Beauty

Content Creation / Business Supplies

Books, Movies, Entertainment & More

Disclaimer – Because, Lawyers: This post contains affiliate links which gives me a small commission and supports my small yet growing business when you purchase items using my links. Using my links does not affect the cost of your purchase but it does allow me to continue doing what I love. Thank you for your support, and may the sales be ever in your favor!

Jenn McNeely

Jenn McNeely

Since I can remember, I have always enjoyed challenging myself to never be confined to one industry or career. Stepping out of my comfort zone and pushing myself to learn new skills has been a staple of my personality and my approach to life. My absolute favorite part of what I do is interacting with new people and learning more about their businesses and interests.

I help clients do more than set up a website. I help them launch their businesses. I am there for my clients before, during, and after the launch to be a resource to them. My goal is for my clients to see a return on their investment of time and financial resources. It is not enough for me to create a beautiful website for my clients. My costs are directly related to what I believe it will take to reach my client’s goals. This may mean that companies like [insert low-cost company name here] will undercut me with lower prices, but I’m okay with that. Often times their fees eventually surpass mine once you add in all the elements that I provide wholesale.

Growing your online presence from scratch takes time but when done correctly will generate great returns. I am a firm believer in transparency with my clients and want them to truly understand what it means to work with me. So, here’s to trusting the process and taking client’s businesses to the next level.

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