Website & Marketing Solutions for the Employee-Turned-Entrepreneur

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Web-Based Solutions Tailored to Your Business

We provide website and marketing solutions for the employee-turned-entrepreneur. Whether you're an entrepreneur just getting started, or your business is settled in a niche, you need solid internet and branding solutions that will establish your web presence, retain clients, communicate your value, increase revenue, and streamline your business processes.

Discovery Sessions | Market Research Reports | Survey | Consulting Calls | Strategy Sessions | Niche Development | Branding | Newsletter Curation | Customer Engagement | Online Reviews


Sleek UX Design | Responsive | SEO Optimized | Lead Capture | Social Sharing | Google Analytics Integration | Email Automation Integration


Software Updates | Detailed Monthly Upkeep Reports | Website Backups | Update Plugins | Security Scans | Performance Scans | Clean up Spam and Revisions | Optimize Database


Pick Your Track

You've entered the brave new world of being your own boss, and it's overwhelming. Not sure if you've covered all your bases? Need help prioritizing your current business needs? Entrepreneurship doesn't have to be isolating. We can help you navigate the process of building your business. 

Testing the Waters

Have you decided to start your company but you're not sure what to do next? Get a nudge in the right direction. 

Ready to

Maybe you've done your research, picked your design, and know what you want. Need help getting over the finish line?

Revive and Refresh

Too busy running your business, you haven't had time to update your website? We have solutions to bring it back to life.

Routine Check-ups

Is your website up and running, but maintaining it is a full-time job? The cure is simple. Check out our care plans.

If you want more, do more and you'll get more!

- Jenn M.

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Jenn McNeely

Web Designer and Digital Marketing Consultant

Jenn_M-Bio-PicIn the summer of 2016, I'd been out of graduate school for four years and was completely unsatisfied with my career path. While I was billing hours like a rock star, trying cases, and schmoozing with the right partners, deep down I knew that this was not the life I had in mind when I graduated. Like many entrepreneurs, I decided to use every moment of free time learning new skills and exploring hobbies that I had never considered. Soon after, I became obsessed with web design and digital marketing and enrolled in several certification courses. It did not take long after the first course before I was hooked. What had started out as a creative outlet, morphed into to my career sweet spot. After volunteering to do projects for non-profits, friends, and family, and I wanted to do more and JWM Designs & Marketing was born. Having made it to the promised land, I want other entrepreneurs to join me in having the career they've always wanted.

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