Our Process Proven System | Positive Results

  • Discovery-2


    This is the most important stage in the process because it sets the foundation for everything we do going forward. We delve into your core business needs, discuss your reasons for launching or relaunching a new website, and establish the goals you want to achieve. While it may seem a little tedious at first, the fact is, if we do not have a clear picture of where your business is now, chances are we will not have a clear grasp on how to achieve your goals.

  • Diagnose


    Once we assess your current needs and goals, we will then create your project blueprint which will visually detail the structure of your project in a sitemap format. The goal at this early stage is to ensure that we are on the same page about the overall framework of the project and the best way to organize your content.

  • Develope


    We believe it is better to show you how your site will function versus filling your head with technical jargon until your eyes glaze over. At this stage, we will build an interactive prototype that will demonstrate our solutions to your website needs that are focused on functionality and free of design clutter. Before any design element is added, we ensure all the key elements of your website project work the way you expect.

  • Design


    This is where style meets substance and our creative powers combine to bring your interactive prototype to life. Adding design elements to match your brand identity, we transform your prototype into a fully functional and responsive WordPress website.

  • Deploy-2


    In the home stretch, we dig deep to evaluate all aspects of the site, make adjustments as needed, and improve on any issues that arise. We take pride in knowing that your website has goes through our 16 point checklist before we deploy it to your hosting service and is ready to go public.

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